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Pono Stone was founded in 2010 by Trevor Thompson, after many years of retail experience in the tile industry.

Pono Stone's strong customer service focus is founded from Trevor's incredible work ethic and excellent client relationships. "Whether customers are ordering from our extensive catalogue or we are sourcing specific tiles for an architect, we deliver friendly communication, answer any installation queries and offer a solid after-sales service."   

Pono Stone's head office is in Honolulu, where the team of admin and sales support staff deliver a quality service for new and existing Pono Stone customers. Products include the Pono Stone Natural Stone range as well as a wide range of other natural stone products and engineered from Oceanside.

What is pono?

Pono is one of those Hawaiian words whose exact meaning must be determined from the context or situation. Ask a local and they'll usually tell you “righteous”, however it can also mean goodness, excellence, proper, just, virtuous, fair, successful, in perfect order, accurate, correct, necessary, and on and on and on… the complete definition is huge. For Pono Stone's founder, Trevor Thompson, it means doing things the correct and right way.

Customised order commissioned for a roof top garden