Porcelain Collections

Porcelain Wood Look Collections 

by Pono Stone

Porcelain designs created to look like timber floors but with the durability of porcelain tiles. 


Charleston is offered in a unique 3”x36” size that is suitable for every wall or floor that needs to be modernized with a shabby chic style.



Ecowood combines the beauty of natural wood with practicality, giving the floor a traditional look and a strong naturalistic appeal. Sizes: 6x24 inch and 6x36 inch.



High definition graphics technology allows Forest to achieve natural, authentic, beauty. The collection, also available in new and modular large sizes, covers both interiors and exteriors. Sizes: 6x24 inch and 6x36 inch.



The best of both worlds, Millennial bridges the gap between nature and modern technology, combining the smooth, cool look of natural wood grain with the durable versatility of porcelain tile. Size: 6x36 inch.



Mood Wood creates diverse, exciting spaces, transforming residential and commercial projects with the inviting look and feel of natural wood. Sizes: 6x36 inch, 8x48 inch, Herringbone mosaic 12x15 inch.



This collection combines the simple beauty of organic wood with everyday practicality, giving the floor a traditional look and a strong naturalistic appeal. Size: 6×36 inch.



Urban Wood offers the look of beautifully crafted hardwood flooring with the durability and ease of maintenance only available with porcelain tile. The natural finish is perfect for residential locations, while the grip finish is suitable for commercial areas where rain and the elements can make floors slippery. Sizes: 6x24 inch, 6x36 inch.



Inspired by the retro chic style, Vintage is a porcelain interpretation of wooden floors that adds comfort and charm to any room. Size: 6×36 inch.



Custom designed to replicate the look and feel of reclaimed wood given new life following years of gentle wear and tear. Size: 8×48 inch.