Porcelain Featured Collections

Porcelain Featured Collections by Pono Stone



Porcelain tile is made from finer, denser clay than standard ceramic tile and is fired at higher temperatures. It’s extremely durable, making it an ideal option for high traffic areas in both residential and commercial buildings. 



Hexagonal mosaics have been a design mainstay for centuries. The Nova Hex Collection breathes new life into this timeless feature with a larger, stretched format and rich, dynamic colors. The collection is available in five colors and three dimensional formats; flat, as well as contrasting bevel-in and bevel-out profiles. The multiple formats and complimentary color tones of Nova Hex offers a unique opportunity to express your individual style. 


From Barcelona to Grenada, Moorish influences permeate Spanish culture, arts, language and cuisine. This elongated lantern shape can be seen throughout Spain in plaster, stone and ceramic. In a simple twist of medium, we have chosen fused glass to breath new life to the shape. Waterjet cutting and a clever adaptation of an ancient mold technique come together to make our Andalusia Collection, inspired by the unique blend of ancient and modern found on any Spanish street.

The subtle ripple on the surface of the glass comes from the texture on the rear-face, creating surface highlights and hidden depths. When the textures are coupled with the deep and subtle color palette, it brings a distinctly European style and sophistication to any setting.



Deliciously soft, invitingly comfortable and warm... there’s a reason why everyone loves cashmere. Striving to embody these ideals, our Cashmere mosaics employ a unique combination of micro-texture and hand-brushed glaze. The end result is a natural diffusion of light and depth of colour.

Available in four organic-inspired blends in our dynamic multistrip format, Cashmere mosaics provide just the right mix of comfort and exclusivity to elevate your next project.


Sea salt, sun and heavy paints conspire to create a completely unique look and feel to maritime woods. Whether it be on boats or docks, there is nothing like that perfect level of distressing that is only possible through exposure to the seaside environment.

Our Dockside collection recreates this look in porcelain and glass. With the addition of a strong hexagon and a multi-strip mosaic that combines with glass, wood and tile come together in an exciting and dynamic way.

Step onto the Dockside with your next project and realise the welcoming comfort of a perfectly distressed aesthetic. The next space you create can have the comfort and originality of a vintage peacoat.

Pono Stone works directly with contractors, architect and interior designers to supply high quality tiles which can be used for any indoor or outdoor areas.

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